• Open gym/summer camp dates and times posted. See calendar.
  • All athletes must be a registered DV student and have a current physical completed after 3/1/18 turned in by 5/18/18 to registermyathlete.com be eligible to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • All athletes must sign up to participate in summer weight training with Coach C. Brochure can be printed off CAMPS LINK and there is a fee.
  • For incoming 9th grade athletes, you must register for Freshman Girls PE 08G. This PE class for credit is designed for the student athlete. Taking this PE class instead of regular PE does not guarantee a spot on any team!
  • All returning players must register for ADV. PE for women's volleyball. Registering for this class doesn't guarantee you will make a team.. however, if you are selected, you must be and are expected to be in this class ALL YEAR! No exceptions. Seniors may choose to drop second semester. However, if you are going on to play collegiately it is recommended you stay enrolled.

Summer Weight Training for Volleyball
May 29th to June 28th, 2018
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Please use this Registration Form to sign-up.

Thunder Volleyball Camp! No camp for 2018

Thank You email from Anna Gott
Below is a Thank You email sent from Anna Gott to Coach 'C' on February 23, 2011.

Coach C,

I would like to take a little time to tell you thank you for everything you did for me in high school. I always thought we had a really good weight program as I went through high school but now after experiencing college weights I now know that we have one of the best weight programs for high school kids. All of the lifts and exercises that we did in high school have put me ahead of the curve in college. With some of your unique work outs like the Kettle Bells, as much as they suck, they have helped me so much in college. This morning in weights we did Kettle Bell swings which for me was something I had been doing for 4 years prior to college thanks to you. I was shocked to see how many girls on my team, ALL of them, who had not even heard of a Kettle Bell, much less knew how to do any exercises with them. Not only Kettle Bells but many of the major olympic lifts are broken down for every knew addition to the team. Once again ahead of the curve in that as well, all of the form and olympic lifts you taught us in high school has made me a role model in the college weight room. After this morning I knew I had to thank you for all you did for me in high school and all you do for everyone as they go through your program.

Thanks for all you do!

Anna Gott, NAU Volleyball

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