Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be a summer program?
A: For details on summer activities, please obtain information off the Desert Vista web site: <www.thundervolleyball.com> You can go to "Calendar" and see the schedule for summer.

Q: Do I need experience to tryout or have played club?
A: No. Every year we have kids selected to a team that haven't played club volleyball.

Q: When do I have to have my school physical done?
A: You may not participate in summer training activities without the clearance of your physical form/paperwork through the front office, nor can you tryout in August. You must be a registered Desert Vista student to be eligible to train in the summer and tryout in the fall. All physicals must be renewed annually after March of each year.

Q: How will I know if something changes in the program or schedule?
A: It is your responsibility to visit the Thunder web site, www.thundervolleyball.com to check for changes.

Q: When are the volleyball tryouts this year?
A: Team tryouts begin the first or second week of school. See the "Calendar" page for specific tryout dates.

Q: How does the Fall Break in October affect volleyball?
A: All players are expected to attend practices and matches during fall break. See the "Calendar" page for practices or matches during fall break.

Q: What kind of fund raising activity can we expect for the season?
A: State law allows Arizonans to contribute up to $400.00 to public schools for extra curricular activities and then deduct that amount directly from your state income taxes through a tax credit. All players selected to the Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams are encouraged to make a contribution or up to the full amount allowed of $400.00 into the State Tax Credit Program earmarked for DV Girls Volleyball. Significant tax donations are paid at the DV bookstore and need to be earmarked for "Women's Volleyball". If your daughter is selected to a team or if you have family/friends interested in making a donation, please see the home page of the www.thundervolleyball.com web site to print out the needed forms. These monies go directly back to the players and the program in the form of practice t-shirts, bags, balls, carts, nets, replace worn equipment, banquet meals, awards, senior gifts and tournament entry fees, etc.

Q: Is there an activity fee and if so, how much?
A: There is an additional $50.00 participation fee required by the Tempe Union High School District prior to tryouts and also payable at the Desert Vista bookstore. Tax credit may be used to pay this fee.

Q: Is there a way my Mom and Dad can support the team besides just attending matches?
A: Yes, Desert Vista Girls Volleyball has a great Booster Club. The Booster Club meets throughout the season to assist the teams and to prepare for the season end banquet. Have your parents contact Molly West (mollywest@cox.net) for more details. Your parents may have an opportunity to volunteer for committees or multiple activities. See the "Boosters" page for more information.

Q: Does the Booster Club do a seasonal Girls Volleyball Program?
A: Yes, it is an all out summer effort. Each player is responsible for selling (or buying) a minimum of one $35.00 ad. Please contact Molly West (mollywest@cox.net) for more details. Monies raised through the booster program ads support the Desert Vista end of season banquet, photo albums for the players, season DVD's for each player, awards, equipment, practice t-shirts or other needs requested by the program.

Q: Are there other ways to help the girls program?
A: Yes. eScrip. What is eScrip? Go to www.escrip.com for more information and sign up with the Desert Vista Girls Volleyball Boosters and our group ID is: #153787354. Anyone can sign up for this too!

Q: Are there high school tournaments during the season?
A: Yes, Varsity participates in 3 tournaments during the season. The JV and Freshman teams do not participate in tournaments according to AIA rules. These tournaments can be a combination of Friday/Saturday or Saturday only.

Q: Besides tournaments, are there other Saturday commitments?
A: Yes, all teams practice on Saturdays throughout the season. Generally Saturday practices are from 7-9 AM and no later than 9:30 AM.

Q: What can a player expect from the Desert Vista Volleyball program?
A: You can expect success that is measured beyond the win-loss record. Success is within the journey as much as it is about reaching the destination. Our success is about uniting a group of individuals to pursue a common goal. Overcoming individual differences in order for the team to achieve its potential. Success of the athlete excelling on a personal level on the court as well as off the court by being a part of something bigger that the individual. Our success is about teaching through sports the life skills necessary to be a winner. The expectations are high for the Desert Vista volleyball players. Being on the Desert Vista Volleyball team is hard work and requires the selection of athletes who "bring something special to the court and their team".

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