2003-2004 Return to 2018-2019 season
Name: Kelsey Thomsen
Team: Varsity
Shirt Number: 6
Position: MB
Grade: Sophomore
Height: 5' 11"
Standing Reach: 7' 8"
Block Jump: 9' 0"
Approach Jump: 9' 4.5"
Bio: Birthplace: Ft. Worth, Texas
Years in Arizona: 13
GPA: 3.7
Years of Volleyball Experience: 7
Career Choice: Pediatrician
What scares me: being alone
Volleyball theme song: Boys and Girls by Good Charlotte
Fascination fact about me: I want to hike the Grand Canyon
Country I most want to visit: Iceland
Pet I most want to have: Koala
My Goal: get a scholarship to college

School Subject: math
Food: fruit
Music: 3 Doors
Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory
Team/Athlete: Diamondbacks
Activities: cycle class, hiking

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