2003-2004 Return to 2018-2019 season
Name: Leah Lathrop
Team: Varsity
Shirt Number: 12
Position: S
Grade: Junior
Height: 5' 9"
Standing Reach: 7' 3"
Block Jump: 8' 8.5"
Approach Jump: 9' 3"
Bio: Birthplace: Missouri
Years in Arizona: 3
GPA: 3.7
Years of Volleyball Experience: 4
Career Choice: Sports agent
What scares me: people grabbing me from behind
Volleyball theme song: AC/DC Thunderstruck
Fascination fact about me: I can blow out red lights and turn them green.
Country I most want to visit: Rome, Italy
Pet I most want to have: black Great Dane
Greatest moment in history: the Boston Tea Party
My Goal: get a Division I scholarship

School Subject: Math
Food: Chinese food - orange chicken
Music: Matchbox 20
Restaurant: Elephant Bar
Movie: Just Married
Team/Athlete: Kerri Walsh
Activities: water sports (wakeskating)

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