2002-2003 Return to 2018-2019 season
Name: Kelsi Thomsen
Team: Varsity
Shirt Number: 6
Position: MB
Grade: Freshman
Height: 5' 10"
Standing Reach: 7' 8"
Block Jump: 8' 10.5"
Approach Jump: 9' 2"
Bio: Position/High School: Middle
Position/Club: Middle
Year in school: Freshman
Born in: Fort Worth, TX
Club Volleyball Experience: 3 years East Valley Juniors; 1 year Foothills
Desired Major or Career: Pediatrician
Extracurricular Activities: Volleyball
Favorite Food: Fruit Snacks
Favorite Movie: Ten Things I Hate About You
Favorite Musical Group: Bichelle Branch
Hobbies: Shopping, hanging out with friends, playing volleyball, working out
My favorite thing to do on Friday night is: Hang out with friends

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